Pacific Coast League Exhibit – 10/3/2009

Written by Lefty O’Doul Chapter

The San Francisco Airport Aviation Museum was the venue for this meeting that featured a guided tour of the extraordinary exhibit of old Pacific Coast League team memorabilia. After lunch, the 30-plus attendees heard commentary from each of the team specialists. Alan O’Connor talked about the Sacramento Solons; Bill Swank provided a great description of the San Diego and Hollywood franchises; Ray Saraceni narrated the Seals; and Mark Macrae covered the remaining teams. Following the presentation, a splinter group of SABR members migrated to the Society of California Pioneers Museum for a private, pre-opening sneak peek of the O’Doul/Tour of Japan exhibit.

Attendees included SABR members Max Weder and his wife, Jennifer Ettinger, who were visiting San Francisco for the weekend from their Vancouver, BC home. They host the big summer gathering for SABR members in Vancouver. Jennifer is an internationally known sports artist with many works on display in the Vancouver area. Several O’Doul and Sacramento SABR chapter members rounded out the entourage. Special thanks goes out to Tim O’Brien of the SF Airport Museum and Tim Evans from the Society of California Pioneers for their assistance, generosity and support.

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