Pictures Perfect: Doug McWilliams’ collection to the Baseball HOF

Written by Marlene Vogelsang

May 12, 2010

The delights of this week just keep on coming!

Imagine my surprise when I opened the Sports section of the Oakland Tribune this morning (yes, I still read the paper) and saw a picture and story about one of my favorite SABR members, Doug McWilliams.

Doug has been making pictures of sports figures, most notably local teams, since the 1950’s. He and Dick Dobbins used to hang out at the Oakland Oaks park, taking pictures and making their own baseball cards! Doug is getting ready to take much of his collection back to Cooperstown, to donate to the archives of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

I had the good fortune to attend a Sacramento SABR meeting that featured Doug talking about his work. It was an amazing story: you can see his love of the game in the pictures that he makes. I hope he’ll tell that story to our chapter sometime.

Doug, I debated posting this, as I know that you are a quiet, modest fellow, but I was asked to by others, and I really wanted to share this great news with our friends.

Enjoy that trip to Cooperstown, Doug, and getting together with your friends. We are very proud of you!

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