Lefty O’Doul Chapter Annual Report 2018

Dear Friends and Fans,

I want to share this year’s Annual Report with you.   I submit this each year to SABR HQ,  and I want to share it with you as well.

2018 Annual Report

Our annual events are the core of our season and help put structure to our year.

SABR Day, cohosted with the Sacramento Chapter, was once again partnered with the San Francisco Main Library. This year, we celebrated the grand opening of “ The Colors of Baseball” exhibit from the Baseball Reliquary. It was a wonderful meeting as we enjoyed visiting the exhibit as well as viewing the documentary “Only the Ball Was White” followed by a fascinating panel discussion featuring curator Terry Cannon, former ballplayer Nate Oliver and artist Bill Cormalis Jr.   We cohosted several other events related to the exhibit, including an inprogress documentary on umpire Emmett Ashford, a presentation by chapter member Rob Elias that talked about the times and people that preceded Rickey’s hiring of Jackie Robinson, a screenings of “A Long Way from Home: The Untold Story of Baseball’s Desegregation” and “No No: a Dockumentary”.

We also cohosted a wonderful event from Jon Leondoudakis, “ Shut Out- The Battle Women Wage to Play Baseball”   followed by a wonderful panel featuring Ila Borders, Rocky Henley, Alex Sickenger Oglesby and Jennifer Ring. You can watch this on “The Sweet Spot” on Amazon Prime, Hulu and other streaming media.

More with SFPL- an evening celebrating the Dodgers and Giants move west 60 years ago. SABR friends Andy McCue and Rob Garratt discussed how it all came about.

We are very happy with our ongoing relationship with San Francisco Main Library and thank Joan Jasper, programming Librarian and Cubs fan, for all her work with these programs.

We look forward to the annual Pacific Coast League Reunion and this annual visit with old ballplayers from the Pacific Coast League. We are now joined by their families to carry on the tradition. Thanks to Mark Macrae and Dick Beverage for their dedication to the league and these players.

The chapter also hosted an authors’ afternoon at the San Lorenzo Library, featuring Jean Ardell, Dennis Snelling, Anika Orrick, Rob Garratt and Bill Soto-Castellanos. It was fun listening to each talk about his/her books

I want to thank the Lefty O’Doul Chapter members for their support. Thanks to Pete MacPhail for taking care of our treasury for all these years. Thanks to Mark Macrae for his support and assistance with all our efforts

As always, I would like to thank SABR HQ and Board for all the support they provide. We appreciate all that you do to run the organization.

Respectfully submitted,

Marlene Vogelsang

Chair, Lefty O’Doul SABR

April 29, 2018



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